Who We Are

Pat Holley

Pat’s been creating and making things all his life

He spent the first part of his career hanging out with pop stars in the 90s, including Muse, Pulp, Beyoncé, Suede and U2. He created costumes, designed CD covers, marketing materials and merchandise and art directed videos for many of them. He even found his way into one or two including starring in Pulp’s iconic Disco 2000.

Pat took on many clients from the world of comedy – including Eddie Izzard, David Walliams and Russell Brand – as it became “the new rock’n’roll” and claims to have provided them with some of their best material. One day whilst he was on the dance floor at the legendary Smashing nightclub, he was tapped on the shoulder and was whisked off to the catwalks of Paris to model for Yoji Yamamoto  In the same year he reached a career high point when chosen as the face on the cover of a reprint of The Joy Of Sex!

These experiences not only taught Pat about how creative teams work well together (and also why they sometimes don’t!) but allowed him to build up strong skills in photography, illustration, film and graphic & fashion design.

At the end of the last century, Pat expanded his client list to include world class brands including Orange, Sony, Jaguar, Smirnoff, L’Oreal and Stella Artois on film and TV ads which were shot all over the world – from Shanghai to Buenos Aires to Bognor Regis.

The arrival of his two children prompted a move into a more structured lifestyle in academia, where he wrote and taught two creative degree courses in Design and Creative and Interactive Design which were recognised with an award for excellence in teaching.

A practising artist, Pat has a degree in Fine Art and regularly exhibits in group and solo shows. He’s won several Open competitions and was selected to show at the BP Portrait Award at the National Gallery. He also co-founded and curates Lightworks, an international new media and film festival.


Chris Lillywhite

Chris is an educator, organiser and artist. In his work he is interested in text, sound and form and makes videos, sound work and sculpture, often in collaboration.
His subjects are varied but are often literary in inspiration and he has made work based on the autobiography of the 16th century sculptor Bevenuto Cellini, the French author Georges Perec, M R James and shopping lists found in supermarket trolleys.