What We Do


  • creative consultants
  • strategists
  • producers

on our own and others’ projects.

We’ve used our experience delivering Lightworks with local organisations and volunteers to develop our approach to cultural projects.

This forms the basis of WMC’s ethos: partner up and deliver projects that punch above their weight. Teamwork works.

Our projects may vary in scale, site and theme, but these are some of the things we believe:

  • art is for everyone
  • events should be for the senses as well as the brain
  • art can make you feel differently about where you live
  • location is important
  • more is sometimes better
  • ambition, soul and teamwork are everything

One thing we believe above all is that you don’t have to know about art to enjoy our projects.



Thanks to Arts Council England for their help in developing the WMC concept and in supporting our projects. Thanks also to Shoreline Housing Partnership for their incredible enthusiasm and patience in hosting and helping us develop Lightworks 2016.

Photo credit: Pat Pope