Lightworks 2016 roll-call of artists

Commissioned artists:

Joanne Lee:         
The Good Place that is No Place
(screening room, Bay Six)
A filmed piece commissioned for Lightworks and responding to the specific context of Freeman Street flats while reflecting on personal experience, lived lives, change and nature.
Joanne Lee is an artist well known for her play with words and image, and a sensitivity to time and place.
She is the publisher of Pam Flett Press, an independent serial exploring the aesthetics of everyday life.

Darren Adcock:
(various sites, Bay Six)
Interactive and delicate automata playfully exploring aspects of sound and movement, Darren’s sculpture are thoughtful, and responsive to the presence of people. Darren is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician. His work spans across drawing, improvised music, interactive installations and mechanical sound sculptures.

Selected artists:
Our four compilation screens are drawn from an international open call and from the current work of previous Lightworks exhibitors. We have selected an amazing set of work from the worlds of short film and sound art.
There are four screens to experience – the big screen on the front of Nelson House, the silent big screen on the side of Nelson House, the underground cinema and the sound screen, which will show sound pieces and videos which have a strong sound component.

The following lists represent the artists shown in each area and don’t reflect final running orders.

Sound Screen (Inside Bay Six)
Adam Paroussos: DBSMHSHDF
Adam Paroussos: Vox Relikt
Simon Le Boggit: Clockwonk Mechinasm
Antonio D’Amato: Paysage marin avec bateaux et hydravion
Antonio D’Amato: Volumina
Kin: Paper Weights
Martin Wright: Shell
Phil Maguire: dd
Simon Cacheux: UnderScape
Eric Boivin: Amaurot Soundscape
Phil Maguire: Leaf
Lou Hazelwood: Socios, Duo 
Wayne Sleeth: Fathom
Fernando Laub: Neutrinos
Fernando Laub: A robot borns
Nick Jones: Wee
Osvaldo Cibils: soundart24april2016 f,g & e
Sean Burn: Underland
Kevin Buckland: Shadows
Nicolas Hermansen: And suddenly an engine started
Nicolas Hermansen: Similitudes in differences
Pascal Colman: Chase & Pascal (free improvised performance)
Symeon Yovev aka Vol&: Fields of Resonance
Cedric Yon: Untitled 4
Cedric Yon: Untitled 5
Bob Bicknell-Knight: Utopian Realism
Constantine Katsiris: Granola
Tamar Banai: Chambers 3
Michael Ridge: God save the compressed queen
Michael Ridge: The Crank (Acoustic Phonograph Version)
Michael Maxwell: U
Mirjam Tally: Ormtjusaren/Snakecharmer
Jean Michel-Rolland: Goodbye Glaciers
Sarah Boothroyd: Gleeful barbarians
Sarah Boothroyd: Power and freedom

Big Screen (outside Nelson House)
Aaron Oldenburg: Seer (KOR)
Will Hurt: Object/Construct #4 Digital Graffiti Edit
Min Eui Hong: Dream
Jacob Rigaux: Drift
Lynn Dennison: Flyers
Lynn Dennison: Runners (excerpt)
Mark Parry: If all the mortar
Jessica Rowland: Jelly fish sequence
Allison Maria Rodriguez: The way I never was
Jinhee Park: Sisyphus Weight
Hugues Clément : Gleam
Peter Whittenberger: What’s the worst that can happen
Viktor Belozerov (Alias Emperor Bikutoru): Introduction
Nathan Walker: A tribute to my loved ones
Matthew Pell: Slowness
Carlo Patrao: How do you say goodnight?
A.R.C. Soundtracks: Dereliction/Mirror
Chris Paul Daniels: The Smallest Tweet
Gio Lingao: Degrees of Separation
Belinda Haikes: Crow 2

Big Silent Screen (side of Nelson House)
Radhika Prabhu: Mid Light
Jesper Carlsen: Rock
Jesper Carlsen: Hand Box
Marjan Verhaeghe: Hands & Thoughts
Anna Day: Sea Change
Emily Bivens: vicbird
Sarah Harbridge: Arcs 18 + 19 July
Painter Coded: It was in black and white
Will Hurt: Field
Mark Parry: Interference Pattern
Allison Maria Rodriguez: A poem for Lonesome George
Eden Mitsacher: Loading
Jae Jo: My Little Fountain
Michael Maxwell: U

Underground cinema (behind Nelson House)
Sthef Folgar: Natural Paradox
Marjan Verhaeghe: Drawing Lines
Fenia Kotsopoulou: Dust
Stefan Riebel: #82
Anna Day: Terra
Francis Knoetze: Cape Mongo (VHS)
Francis Knoetze: Cape Mongo (Cell)
Dom Bouffard: Housework
Ellen Lake: Queen’s Lane
Bernd Schumann: Planquadrat
Joas Nebe: The Dictionary serial: The Ocean
Joas Nebe: The Dictionary serial: The procrastinator
Johannes Christopher Gerard: Sorrow
Johannes Christopher Gerard: Positions
Frank McCauley: welter/wallow
Ezio Taeggi & Tiziano Tuccella: Triad
James Quinn: Vasteras Slip
Lizz Brady: Johnny get your gun
A.R.C. Soundtracks: Ruins/Ritual (Excerpt)
Chris Paul Daniels: Election/Coverage
Eden Mitsacher: Forever in a day
Geraint Edwards: Conflux
s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts) : Twilight & Unnoticed 1
Gloria Chung: Night Train

Thanks to all artists for agreeing to take part in Lightworks 2016, we are grateful and honoured to be showing your work. We are pleased to be part of the international network of creative new media artists.

Lightworks 2016 poster here!


Branding and all designs for Lightworks are by Kirk Arnold, who has worked with Lightworks since 2010.

The image is a view of the flats off Freeman St, and the balconies are repeated in the dynamic vertical design element. The flats are instantly recognisable to Grimsby residents and are the site of Lightworks 2016.

Kirk understands we need design and branding that is contemporary, dynamic and clear. We love the modernist references filtered through a modern sensibilityallied to Kirk’s amazing sense of colour.

We are very pleased to have a new logo as well, reflecting the fact that we are in phase 2 of Lightworks.

New Lightworks logo, teal on white version.

Kirk is a senior designer at Source Four, a premier design and branding agency based in Grimsby and tweets  as @ehkirkio.