Lightworks 2016 will be at Freeman St flats! (PRESS RELEASE)



12 September 2016

Lights, camera, East Marsh – Lightworks festival at Grimsby’s high-rise

A spectacular new media festival – Lightworks – will be centred in, on and around Grimsby’s East Marsh high-rise flats this October.
Created by new local arts organisation We Must Create – funded by the Arts Council and supported by housing charity Shoreline – the free event will bring local residents and visitors to the site of Shoreline’s six tower blocks earmarked for demolition in 2017.
Lighting up the night sky – the free, family-friendly event will intrigue and delight visitors with an underground cinema, sound art, mechanical automata, architectural light works and large-scale projections onto the side of the iconic towers.
‘Lost and Found’ – an exciting large-scale installation and exhibit will also be unveiled. Contained within the high-rise blocks, it will be open to the public for four more weekends following the evening of the Lightworks event.
In addition to this project, other works will be shown on a changing basis during the four additional weekends, including the final project, a film based on the flats.

As well as relishing an exciting range of work from around the world, visitors will be able to enjoy free children’s activities and refreshments.

Lightworks co-founder Patrick Holley said: “We are so happy to be working on this site. Shoreline has been amazing – they have supported us and the project since we first talked to them. We wanted to create an event that indirectly commemorated the flats and the lives lived there by bringing lots of people together.

“Lightworks is the launch project for We Must Create and we could have not wished for a better partner.”

Business partner Chris Lillywhite added: “We have also had amazing support from the Arts Council who have helped us set up We Must Create, Lightworks and the Lost and Found project.

“We think this is an excellent model for how artists and organisations can work together and we want to thank both Shoreline and the Arts Council for their support. We are incredibly excited about the high quality of work from across the globe submitted for the show – this will once again focus the art world’s attention on Grimsby”

Shoreline communications and marketing advisor Kristina Parker said: “We wanted to create something unique within the East Marsh before these buildings are demolished – and working with We Must Create has provided that perfect opportunity.
“Lightworks will allow people to come together and enjoy a special evening like never seen before in either Grimsby or this neighbourhood. We want everyone including local residents both past and present to enjoy it while also taking the opportunity to attract visitors to the area.
“We’re keen to capture the history of both these buildings and the people who have lived there and this is the first of many events that Shoreline is planning to ensure the memories of this area are preserved while looking ahead to a positive future.”
Following very extensive public consultation and majority support, plans for the demolition of the tower blocks were announced by Shoreline in September 2014 as part of the long-term financial plans of the affordable housing charity.

Event details

Saturday 15 October 2016
Outside Nelson House, Albert Street East, Grimsby DN32 7HH

Lost and Found
Saturday 15 October 2016 – Sunday 13 November 201



Open weekends – weekdays by appointment

Any schools or college parties interested in attending Lost and Found please email We Must Create –

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