Imagining what Lightworks is like

Lightworks has run four times and each time was different – quickly  building up from a small-ish but seriously intentioned and lightly chaotic new media festival in 2010, to a much larger festival in 2013, with the light chaos as part of its DNA – now gently mutated into an audio visual cornucopia, with something everything you looked. It’s why we put video screens into niches in Grimsby Minster or a reel of films on the outside of the town library in the last festival. We wanted visitors to feel relaxed and that they could discover things themselves – we didn’t want to put all our efforts into a few films that carried all the weight of the festival. It’s also why we decided to engage with the very young visitors that surprised in the first festival. As much as they amused us running in and out of the projection screens in 2010 we felt they needed something to do in between catching up with the latest in artists’ new media. Hence the Lightworks lanterns and other activities for kids from 2011 onwards.

Lightworks lanterns. Design printed on tracing paper. 2013

To Patrick and myself and the rest of the team, during the event there was inevitably some stress about how things were going, whether anything would stop working – but we enjoyed the spectacle, the work itself and the fact that people engaged with the work directly without worrying.

I think the films made by our friend and ertswhile colleague Lee Byatt sum up the experience – the amount of places we showed (although I suspect even the diligent Lee missed a couple of screens) and the diversity of things to look at, listen to and experience.

This Lightworks is in a new venue and may feel slightly different but the idea of bringing new media to people in an enjoyable package is central to our planning.

Don’t forget to be there on October the 15th.


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