Open Call for new media work

Video credit: Lee Byatt

We’ve got just over a week left on our call for new media work (4th September 12 midnight!) and it’s worth putting on record why we believe in open calls as a way of finding new and exciting work.

We found from the first time we had an open call that we were sent surprising and interesting work. We were intrigued by the quality and diversity of the work we were offered for exhibition. We expected interesting work – but hadn’t really visualised the intensity and the imagination of the work on offer. We never expected to be offered work by geographers – which we have been (fact!). We never anticipated so much animation.We never thought that we would be sent collaborations between dancers and video artists.

We didn’t expect to see so many sound works by musicians. We’re from the visual arts .

The point is we get a real boost from seeing what is happening out there in the world,  and working out how to show it all together.

We also love the fact that we are often introducing people to new media work – we act as the bridge to a world that can be dramatic, engrossing, funny or intriguing.

So if you are a maker of sound pieces or of video, and you are thinking does this piece fit in?

It probably does, and if we can we’ll find a way to programme it.

So, to reiterate: if you have made a sound or video piece less than 3 minutes long, we would love to see it.

If it’s video, we are happy to see filmed or animated work, whether it is documentary, fictional or performance. We are happy to see motion graphics. We like silent film and we love film where sound is dominant. We love collaged or found film. We like high-production values and we like don’t-care-diy. We like work that is philosophical and work that is pop.

Same for sound, except different categories: if you call yourself a sound artist, experimentalist, soundscapist, collagist, humorist or your work is structured or aleatory, vocal. And especially if you are a geographer with leanings towards psychogeography.


We are Lightworks

We are freeform

We are open-themed






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